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press releases

* Peter Nwangwu:
Another pride of Nigeria.

"...history was made wednesday, September 27, 2006 when another Nigerian in the Diaspora was honoured with another American Award ..." More

* Celebrating an accomplished Nigerian.

Only a few Nigerians have made discoveries that have had significant impact on the development of mankind. One is Philip Emeagwali, and another that is worthy of celebrating is Peter U. Nwangwu, a professor of... more.."

* Professor Peter Nwangwu Awarded The 2005 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal
"...Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, stated, "Prof. Nwangwu has long supported Republican ideals, like debt reduction and tax reform as they relate to the growth and stability of small..." more

* Prof. Peter Nwangwu named Man of the Year 2005 by The American Biographical Institute
"...Prof. Peter Uchenna Nwangwu was chosen based on his outstanding accomplishments, character, integrity, and the noble example he has set for his peers and entire community..." More

* America Honors Prof. Peter Nwangwu With The Third Prestigious Award In 30 Days :

"Prof. Peter Uchenna Nwangwu, a Nigerian-American professional living in the United States, has been named "Business Man of the Year 2005", by the Business Advisory Council of the United States, Washington, D.C. Prof. Nwangwu is one of..." More

* America Awards "The 2006 Congressional Medal of Distinction" to Professor Peter U. Nwangwu.

Washington, D.C. - NRCC Chairman, Tom Reynolds, and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced today that Professor Peter Nwangwu has been chosen as a 2006 Congressional Medal of Distinction winner. more

"Peter Nwangwu is a professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacy, executive assistant to the vice chancellor, University of Nigeria, Nsukka in which capacity he serves as the chief development officer of the university. Nwangwu has won many international awards in the United States, including "2005 Ronald Reagan Gold Medal" by the National Republican Congressional Committee; "2005 Man of the year," by the American Biographical Institute; "Businessman of the year 2005," by the US Business Advisory Council, and "The 2006 Congressional Medal of Distinction."
He also serves as President and Chief Executive officer of the University of Nigeria Research and Economic Development (UNRED) foundation."

Excerpts from: BUSINESSDAY,
Tuesday March 06, 2007.

Scientist, Inventor, Enterprenuer

Peter Uchenna Nwangwu
(1949-) Scientist, Inventor, and Entrepreneur.

"...In addition to the development of the seven new drugs, Nwangwu's carreer as an inventor includes the invention of two new research techniques in Pharmacology that received worldwide acceptance when they were published in scientific literature.

...Nwangwu has received many awards and honors, inlcuding being listed in more than twenty biographical reference books." more

Excerpts from - "The Nigerian Americans". by Prof. Ogbaa Kalu. Greenwood Press, USA.

Recent International Awards

*"The 2006 Congressional Medal of Distinction", awarded to Professor Peter U. Nwangwu on September 27, 2006, by the United States National Republican Congressional Committee, Washington, D.C., USA...view

*Prof. Peter Nwangwu named "Man of the Year 2005" by The American Biographical Institute. Raleigh, North Carolina, USA...view

*Professor Peter Nwangwu Awarded "The 2005 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal" by the National Republican Congressional Committee, Washington, D.C., USA...view

*"Businessman of the Year 2005", by the United States Business Advisory Council, Washington, D.C., USA...view

Other awards include: Men of achievement, 1981; Who's Who in Frontier Science and Technology, First Edition, 1984/85; World Book of Honour; Who's Who in the World, 7th Edition,1984/85; The International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement. more

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